A revolutionary new mobile app for UK drivers to store car documents, find the cheapest fuel, parking and MOT/Tax reminders. Introduced as a startup venture under the Direct Line brand to save on costs, modernise infrastructure.

Wipe away the problem

Surprise and delight even in the most frustrating situations

Fuel prices at your fingertips

Save money every time you fill up! Curated to your own vehicle

Store your important docs

Save money every time you fill up! Curated to your own vehicle

Design System

Atomic design. Caliper ensures scalability and accessibility compliance.

150+ custom icons

Created specifically for Caha! With a hint of playfulness in each icon

Semantic tokens

Built to switch between light & dark modes with just a click

Reusable components

Atomic design principles enhance both speed and efficiency.

User Testing

Testing & validation. Ensuring designs are accessible and usable across all age ranges.


Collaborating to host a multiple rounds of user testing sessions

Same day tyre repair

Virtual mechanic

Petrol price notifications


Built with React Native. For speed and efficiency to deploy on both iOS & Android.

Hit the ground running

A small team of 8 engineers to build both front-end & backend

Cross platform engineering

Built with a modern tech stack that scales into the tens of millions


Available for hire

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