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Reinvent the homepage to be a personalised view of the latest in football, provide presence on the latest content, betting opportunities and entry points to free to play games. Opportunities are endless and scopes the direction of the product for the next 10 years, scalability is key.
Our Scores tab is an extremely high traffic area, with tens of millions viewing the page any any one point.

Unique users across all geo’s 56 million

I focused on the following metrics
Increase users from 56m to 100m
Increase long term retention rate.
Ability to surface and access more content.
Increase commercial opportunities
The wireframe design took most of the time. At this stage these wireframes were created in person with a group of 20 participants that use the LiveScore product. I created two scenarios mid week and on the weekend to understand what users are looking for when there aren’t any relevant fixtures in-play.
It was essential to map out all different edge cases and scenarios, with the LiveScore app there are countless elements to consider, teams, competitions, players favourited. User interests, free to play games, peak season / off-season, twitter feed and video content.All content on the page needs to be dynamic and adjust throughout the season.
High Level Scope
From the white boarding session, with the help of a few members of the design team and a product manager we were able to scope out the MVP requirements in the form of a Jira ticket.
Design Fidelity
It was an intentional choice to design in high fidelity instead of wire framing for this task as I would be in constant communication with senior members of the business and they found it difficult to understand wireframe designs based on experience.
Betting User
A completely redesigned homepage of the product, user’s don’t see a global list of current matches anymore. This redesigned view offenders everything that is relevant to a user, we understood requirements based on user interview sessions i held.

It was important to 13 users that they have access to their LiveScoreBet account and any in-play bets.

Almost all users interviewed requested easy access to their favourite teams and competitions.

It was important that this screen is contextually relevant. The plan is to only surface content we deem relevant to the user. If the user isn’t part of LiveScore bet promotions and in-play bets will be hidden reducing cognitive load on the user interface.
Timeline Ticket
A majority of users interviewed wanted minute by minute update on the latest events, based on discussions with several users they we’re leading towards a news style ticket as usually seen on Sky News / BBC news, a consent feed of the latest injuries, news and transfers.
Different Scenarios
It was essential to understand multiple scenarios. Within the personalised view teams & competitions are favourited, users are engaged and we want potentially show more upselling features such as Knockout and a Ronaldo competition.

The generic scenario is when the user isn’t very well engaged and hasn’t setup the LiveScore app with teams and competitions, a key driver to creating a truly personalised application.
A user can have one favourite team or multiple, we allow the user to select a primary team in this case West Ham. When a fixture involving west ham is in-play we show more detailed statistics without requiring the user to enter the match details page.
Current Status
Discovery and exploration continue with the new LiveScore homepage, plenty of edge cases, stakeholder meetings & many more research sessions to be complete.

This is a drastic change for the product and we plan to validate more as work continues on this piece of work.

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