Partner up your workout

Find local gym-goers and workout together
In this project, I undertook the challenge of transforming an MVP fitness product into a scalable solution that could cater to a wider audience. The objective was to enhance the existing product by incorporating essential features such as user profiles, integration with local gyms, and the option to join gym sessions organised by fitness enthusiasts seeking workout partners.

Additionally, the redesign aimed to introduce dynamic leaderboards for both gyms and members, enabling users to track their progress and compare their performance within their gym community.
To achieve these goals, I focused on streamlining the user experience and maximizing engagement. By introducing user profiles, individuals can create personalized accounts, enabling them to track their fitness journey, set goals, and view their workout history. Furthermore, I integrated the platform with local gyms, allowing users to easily locate and join gym sessions organized by fellow fitness enthusiasts in their area.

One of the key highlights of this redesign was the implementation of comprehensive leaderboards. Users can now view rankings within their own gym, fostering healthy competition and motivating individuals to push their limits. Moreover, I included statistics showcasing users' performance in previous sessions, providing valuable insights and encouraging improvement.
Throughout the design process, I paid close attention to visual aesthetics and intuitive interface design. The revamped product now offers a visually appealing and user-friendly experience, ensuring seamless navigation and effortless engagement. By reinventing this MVP product, I successfully created a scalable fitness solution that caters to a broader user base.

The incorporation of user profiles, local gym integration, gym session partnering, and dynamic leaderboards enhances the overall user experience and encourages active participation. With its emphasis on personalisation, community-building, and data-driven progress tracking, this redesigned fitness product stands as a compelling solution for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

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