At LiveScore i'm looking to introduce a redesigned & enhanced homepage to create a fan-first experience for LiveScore users while ensuring accommodating wider business goals. I'm looking to create a personalised experience to surface the most relevant content at just the right time.

My contribution

The team



Create a new experience for football fans to surface a personalised football-first timeline showcasing relevant news, stats and social feeds. This allows wider businesses to scale convergence plans and build a seamless ecosystem between LiveScore and LiveScore Bet with the introduction of bet builder, Acca insight & free to play games. While offering an enhanced homepage personalised to each user based on favourite teams, competitions and players allowing users to get the latest statistics, results and news straight away.


Co-Creation sessions with LiveScore users. We interviewed over 20 active users of the LiveScore product. Conceptualising how they see a potential new homepage on LiveScore, these users had complete freedom in what information they want to see as soon as they open the app. These sessions were based on two different scenarios

Entering the app mid-week when the user has little interest in any in-play or upcoming fixtures
Entering the app on a Saturday featuring multiple popular fixtures playing simultaneously

I worked alongside users and a researcher to gather what information is important within each scenario. Talking to users directly gives us a great insight into how they currently use the LiveScore product and what they are looking for. During these sessions, I wire-framed potential concepts in front of the user directly to build a dream homepage for all their football needs.


From these sessions, a great deal was learned about each user and their requirements. Outputs from these sessions directly impacted the direction of the project with some creative and unique concepts. Users are looking to see the most important information as soon as they open the app, such as red cards, subsititions and statistics to gadge on how a game is performing. A surprising result of these research sessions is that users don't mind seeing betting opportunities (A key driver behind this project) as long as those betting placements are relevant and there are good odds on offer. Simple and easy access to the teams and competitors that are important to the user has been determined to be essential. Users also suggested that they want to see the fixtures they are interested in, unlike the current scores tab which is a generic feed alongside related news articles. Have the option to see what's upcoming in the sporting calendar with fixtures and deeper into football leagues. Users were also keen to know if there were any breaking news and should take priority over other content on the homepage.


Based on some of the learnings from the co-creation sessions, alongside the help of data & insights. These concepts are some of the first outcomes of this project which had to meet some specific requirements. This is the first dramatic change to LiveScore's homepage in around 20 years, we're effectively entirely changing the structure of the home screen on the app which around 13 million users return to weekly.


Allow the user to access favourite teams and competitions quickly
Live, upcoming and previous fixtures
Easy access to legacy Scores tab & Favourites
Access to the latest Breaking News articlesRelevant Betting opportunitiesKey match stats


A shortcut bar which introduced easy access to favourite teams, competitions and free-to-play games. Featuring key details such as a fixture count on favourite competitions allowing users to see how many games are due to play today. Alongside if your favourite team is in-play with direct access to a team-specific page, with the option to add more. teams and competitions to your shortcuts bar. Small carousel containing past events and results that are relevant, I plan to expand this further highlighting important competitions for the World Cup to introduce branding themes.An introduction to a breaking news ticker showcasing only the most important news. Exploring the possibility to pin news articles and matching statistics to relevant fixtures, creating a shorter journey for the user to get the information they are looking for and surfacing additional areas of the app they may not have used before. While also providing a weekly overview of what's to come in the sporting calendar. Quick links on the far right of the scorecard to provide the most relevant data when available such as confirmed line-ups, match countdown until kickoff and TV channel.


With the product expanding with each release, collectively we're looking to introduce new entry points to different areas of the app to drive engagement and retention. By surfacing relevant content at the right time, the vision behind this homepage is for it to be dynamic and adapt depending on the sporting calendar. Introducing tweets, a TV guide, breaking news articles and match previews. This is just the start of the future for LiveScore and it's exciting to see its full potential.


Convergence being the majority driving force behind the dramatic change within the product, we're looking to build an ecosystem where users can switch between LiveScore and LiveScore Bet. This an excellent opportunity for sports fans to place bets, engage with casino games and play our free-to-play game offering. These designs include a LiveScore Bet account within the Scores app to keep track of ongoing bets and see the latest promotions. We're looking to segregate users to offer the optimal experience whether they are interested in betting or simply interested in news and results.


Discovery and exploration continue with the new LiveScore homepage, plenty of edge cases, stakeholder meetings & many more research sessions to be complete. A dramatic change for the product and needs to be accomplished in the right way. Users are at the core of the product, we are building a new homepage for sports fans to enjoy and find the information they're looking for as fast as possible.