Seamless Betting

Synergistic Ecosystem
LiveScore Group
Reinvent the link between sports media & in-house sports betting. Building an echo system where users who originate from LiveScore Media can place bet's on a sister product LiveScore Bet within a seamless journey.

Engagement & Betting

Horse Racing

Convergence a core part of the LiveScore brand. Betting opportunities are placed in only the most suitable places and at the right times.

Horse Racing a new sport to the product I had the opportunity to work on echo's exactly the business motivations in this area, customer bet placement in a seamless user journey.
Cross-Selling allows users to migrate from LiveScore Media to LiveScore Bet with an incentive to stream the match live, for free, combined with an announcement banner this combines into a relatively successful feature.

Favourites being a high traffic area of the apps, adding betting opportunities such as a market selector shows a large uptick in user engagement and bet placement.

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