Seamless Onboarding
Forza Football
Onboarding is one of the most important journeys in any application and for Forza Football it’s no different. They are currently explaining around a 37% drop-off rate on the android application and were looking to revamp the entire experience prior to their app redesign later this year.
They are currently explaining around a 37% drop-off rate on the android application. On average users follow 2 teams, 1-3 players and 2-3 competitions.

Users often follow 1 local team and 1 national team. Forza focus on gender equality and want to ensure this is persistent across the journey.

I focused on the following metrics
Decrease drop-off rate.
Increase 7 day retention rate.
Shorten the flow navigating to the homepage.
Competitor Analysis
From my analysis of a vast variety of applications there are several fundamental flaws that add friction to getting user through the entire flow. Forcing user actions, account signup, inconsistent button placement and poor context.

Hypothetically we want to decrease these numbers of friction points within the journey, encourage users following teams, competitions and players.
Hypotheses validation
To confirm my hypotheses, I spoke to a group of users who activity use mobile applications from the sports media industry.

13 users mentioned that language can often be a barrier as they aren’t fully understanding the required task at hand.

11 users mentioned when they install an app they just want to use the application straight away and didn’t want to go through a setup process.

7 users mentioned that they are concerned about the data that is being collected by applications they use.

The analysts helped me understand which is most important to users when they install applications for the first time.
The wireframe design took a considerable amount of time and planning. At this stage, my task was to consider all edge cases and scenarios and transfer the research results to wireframes.
User Flow
Mapping our a flow diagram was essential for this work as with the Forza Football app there are countless edge cases that effect the user journey and overall flow. It was important to make this flow frictionless, simple and easy to skip if needed.

It was important that the experience felt personalised, after each step in the flow the AI model learns more and more about the user. Which competitions, players they may like if they favourite a specific team. Recommendations are present across the entire flow.
A completely redesigned onboarding screen introducing users to the Forza Football app. Users can easily navigate through the flow selecting teams, competitions and players. Providing context at every step of the way and ensuring the flow in on brand.

Selecting local and national teams in one view keeps the journey simple, and seamless for the new user. It was important to remove any points of friction during the entire flow.
Primary call to action
Users can tap the call to action to Skip or continue to the next step.

This was an intentional choice to make the journey skippable but also allows the user to select teams, competitions or players if they wish. It’s simply the best of both worlds.

It was important to not place an additional skip button in another part of the UI to reduce cognitive load and allow the user to speed through the flow if they wish to.
Users can follow as many or as little as they wish. Alongside a dynamic search and an option to toggle between Male and Female teams.

In scenarios where users follow more than a single team. An extension is added to the bottom navigation to provide the user with a quick glance of the teams they have followed.
Gender Equality
Users can actively change gender of team, tournament or players with a tap of a button.

Preferences will be saved during each screen within the journey. Giving flexibility for users to follow male and female teams, tournaments or players.
Give confidence that the user is in control of notifications.

Personalised graphic with the teams the user has followed along the journey.

Note - These screens are not shown to the user if they did not make an action during the onboarding flow. Users will receive a native notification prompt on 2nd app launch or when they follow in-app.
Goals of the project were achieved, drop-off rate was reduced by 17%, it’s still early days in terms of these results as there is a gradual rollout for this piece and are actively A/B Testing with users but the initial numbers look positive.

In addition, the plan is to monitor performance and roll out to a larger audience over time.

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