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Users who have selected their favourite teams tend to have higher retention rates compared to those who have not. Thanks to the redesign, the process has become faster and easier, which caused an increased retention conversion rate increase, resulting in increased value from a business standpoint.
Currently 48% of users are opted into push notifications, we want to increase that number so we are able to push more personalised content and promotions towards the user base. Additionally if we can increase the number of teams favourited we are able to surface more content that is personalised towards each user and achieve a longer term plan.

I focused on the following metrics
Increase successful push notification open rate.
Increase 7 day retention rate.
Shorten the flow of finding your favourite teams.
Data Analysis
Past 12 months
1.55m users added a team to Favourites
Past 3 months
530k users added a team to Favourites

Data sampled from UK + IRE + NL only

Hypothetically we want to increase these numbers of users having at least one favourite from 48% to 85%. We have an onboarding journey that allows new users to select a team during setup of the app however this can be skipped.
Hypotheses validation
To confirm my hypotheses, I created an amplitude chart to gather my findings. As a result, quantitative data helped us with the redesign and simplified communication with stakeholders.

The analysts helped me understand which features require improvements. For example, in the existing onboarding flow 56,000 users skip the favourite team step during onboarding. However users that favourite after onboarding retain far better over a 4 week period which was surprising.

This decision also allowed us to design a unified journey in-app to encourage users to favourite post onboarding.
The wireframe design took most of the time. At this stage, my task was to consider all the issues and transfer the research results to wireframes.
User Flow
Mapping our a flow diagram was essential for this work as with the LiveScore app there are countless variables that effect the user journey that all need to be covered to ensure the flow is as frictionless as possible.
A completely redesigned Favourites screen for new and existing users, a more inviting and engaging user interface which allows the section of favourite team with a seamless tap.

The screen provides more context showcasing the benefits of favouriting teams and competitions. If the user can’t find the team they’re looking for the a call to action at the bottom of the view allows the user to search. The use of team colours adds vibrancy to the UI and is now used elsewhere around the app.

I intentionally removed the unnecessary content from the page and ensured there was a clear hierarchy on the page to allow next steps from the user to be simple. Users who have favourited teams, competitions or matches will not see this view.
Upselling Users
Existing users who already have favourited fixtures and competitions will see a simple upsell banner directing users to the Teams tab within favourites.

This was an intentional choices as I did not want to interrupt existing user behaviours checking favourited fixtures. We have already seen a 17% increase in user’s favouring from this banner alone with a high click through rate.
Tab Redesign
These tabs allow the easy access to a users favourite teams & competitions, they’re always stored in favourites no matter if theres a upcoming fixture or not. That way they can easily access player profiles, tables, stats and more.

Users always have to option to add additional teams and competitions that are relevant to them. Any teams and competitions favourited by the user will help us create a more personalised and dynamic experience across the entire product.
Favourite Across App
It’s possible for users to favourite teams and competitions across existing journeys within the product. From our match page, Line-Up’s is one of the high traffic areas. Users can favourite their first team here as it’s contextually relevant to what they are currently viewing.

On competition pages, the favourite button is highlighted in blue to encourage favouring.

We have noticed a 12% increase in favouriting from these features alone. Significant improvement’s based on the initial analytics.
Existing users of LiveScore now see this sheet message if they haven’t made a team or competition favourite yet. This is a simple contextual prompt that links to the favourites onboarding screen discussed previously.
We have achieved all our goals. Both the successful bet conversion rate and the number of parlay bets increased. We also reduced the number of clicks before placing a bet.In addition, the number of registered users has grown. It's all about the betslip mechanics — you can form a bet without logging in, but you are asked to sign up or login when you want to place it.

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